Important Updates:  City Hall will be closed Monday, May 29th for Memorial Day.

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  • Animal Control Services - For assistance with abandoned, stray or unwanted domestic animals or for Licensing a Dog, contact Petaluma Animal Services Foundation.
  • Apply for – Instructions and forms for a variety of permits and services, such as auto pay, business licenses, building permits, parades and tree removal.
  • Download Documents –Download and print the most commonly used City forms.
  • File – Instructions on how to file complaints about barking dogs, broken street lights, restraining orders, and other issues.
  • Pay – Instructions regarding how to pay for a business license, parking ticket and/or utility bill.
  • Register for / to – Register for City-sponsored programs such as Recreation classes, Cubs Football, Soccer NYSL, and summer camps. This section also includes instructions for registering to vote.
  • Rent – Instructions and forms for residents interested in renting City facilities, such as the Community Center and Logvy Park.
  • Speak – Instructions and forms for residents interested in speaking at a City Council and/or Planning Commission Meeting.
  • Volunteer for – Instructions and forms for residents interested in volunteering for City boards, commissions and committees, community organizations and special events.